Lab127 team (approximately 30 persons) was formed on the basis of Department of Information Measurement Systems and Physical Electronics at Petrozavodsk State University (Russian Federation).

The main areas of R&D at Lab127:
  • soft hardware of supervisory control and data acqusition (SCADA) systems, including LabVIEW based environment;
  • supervisory access control to the unique physical equipment;
  • automation of scientific research;
  • design and construction of microcontroller based and radio devices;
  • development of net applications;
  • web-programming and development;
  • networks administration;
  • teaching (partly in English language) and support of educational process in Petrozavodsk State University on specialties, connected with the mentioned above.
Online network of sensors
Web-site presents current values of temperature, pressure, humidity and X-ray radiation sensors, located in Karelia and Russia. Information is renewed every 5 minutes; temperature trends for last 72 hours, 3 weeks and 3 months and 1 year for all locations are automatically updated every 30 minutes. Besides there are weather forecast from many sources collection and weather archive for Russian cities as well.
Distributed data acquisition
In order to organize the data transfer in network the DTP/DIA protocol was designed and the corresponding software was developed. This software may be used for construction of rather small distributed information measurement systems (up to ~100-500 nodes). The DTP/DIA software operates under Linux, FreeBSD and Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP operating systems. RS232, TCP/UDP, MySQL, SSL, etc. are supported.
IQ: online testing
Online testing system is free and easy to use. The main goal is to help teachers in schools and professor staff in universities to deal with the rapidly increasing assignment. The part of tests and examinations may be transformed in electronic form. The site presents statistical data on examination progress of students. There is also prize winning procedure on the basis of previous two-month results.
Research and Educational Center "Плазма"
Application of low-temperature plasma (LTP) can be found in various branches of science, industry and even in life conditions. All applications concerning new objects of atomic and molecular physics, which were discovered during the last 10 years in researches of new properties of plasma forming medium and atomic and molecular structures, are the major subject of the Research and Educational Center (REC). REC "Plasma" carries out researches in the following directions and spheres of physics: nano- and microstructures, plasma crystals, modification of materials in plasma and plasma generators.
Educational resources
Site of the Department of Information Measurement Systems and Physical Electronics contains information on staff and students, their research and educational activity, various textbooks and demo software.
Subsidiary web-server of DIMS&PhE and Physical-Technical Faculty of PetrSU stores electronic textbooks and other educational materials.
Personal site of associate professor Eugene D. Zhiganov. Some infomation, few textbooks and methodical manuals for students and staff of Physical-Technical Faculty are published.
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